Cremations in Austin, TX

Phone: 877-252-7402
Direct Cremations: $675
“Taking care of your loved one in Texas”
* No pre-need service
* Licensed Funeral Directors
* Simple, Dignified, & Affordable

Direct Cremation Texas is a proud member of the Affordable Cremation Network and believes that every family in Austin, TX should be able to choose a simple, end-of-life funeral option that is dignified, affordable and professionally handled. They offer a direct cremation package for $595.  Call now at 877-252-7402.

Our Affordable Cremation Network member in Austin, TX will help you choose a cremation that is compassionate, respectful, dignified and affordable. A-C-N will personally see that the cremation is professionally handled by a crematory in your area of need. Affordable Cremation Network lowers the funeral cost for cremation services by selecting members that offer professional cremation services at an affordable price.